I love online shopping and one of the reasons is the fact that I get to enjoy huge discounts and amazing deals compared to the sales offered by the malls. I mean, at least online stores don’t have to worry about other fees and taxes so they can really skyrocket their discounts. This may be a little off but I guess I am really a sucker for huge sales that I realized that I’m doing this F21 Korea haul on a monthly basis. Don’t worry I don’t really spend that much as I get to spend from 1,000 pesos to 1200 pesos I guess but once you get to see the things I bought, you realized they are good and real deals.

For my F21 october preorder..I  decided to take a break  from shoes and got myself some cool stuff, for myself and some for my family.. so for a total of Php 1127 pesos(including the shipping and taxes)..I got all of these…

I’m expecting them this week. 🙂

For my Nov preorder.. I decided to get 2 pairs of shoes.. I haven’t received the invoice yet but I have been their customer for a long time so i guess I could calculate it by around 1200.. I’m not yet sure with the shipping from Manila to Davao. 🙂 but that’s my wild guess all in all. 🙂


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