Naruto’s worst heartbreak…

Hinata confesses her love for Naruto in a very odd circumstances, Naruto is on the verge of concealing defeat on Pain. She told Naruto how he was able to change Hinata and how she struggles to protect and be with him. She knows that she might die on interfering Pain’s actions but she wanted to protect Naruto in any means even if she had to sacrifice her life. The manga series ended when she was trying to attack Pain but he is just too powerful for her (and she could  probably be dead). With such happenings, Naruto had experience and felt the worst anger that he could that in a matter of seconds, he was able to release a sixth-tailed beast…

The outcome of such tragedy is not yet known..but my heart aches for Naruto’s loss as well as for Hinata. Throughout the series, I was hoping that the two of them would have a chance to be together..but it seems that it would never be possible..And I am hoping that Pain will die..This series is hurting me too much..(first, death of Jiraiya, second: death of Kakashi and now..Hinata..)..

I really feel so bad about it..

And here is the page that contains Hinata’s confession…(from onemanga)


14 comments on “Naruto’s worst heartbreak…

    • kakashi is alive.hinata never died and pain was defeated even sided with naruto in the end.naruto’s father appeared.. =)

  1. nuuuuuuu!! not that i dont like hinataa because i love her…but i wanted naruto adn sasuke to end up together…..i know its cruel but….i hope she dies…..kishimoto san said he wwas gonna give naruto an ending that was sort of sasuxnaru-ish so this can’t be it …

    . _.

  2. Look i think that pain wont win just so easy against naruto he will have to defeat first not the 6 tailed but the 9 tailed beast kyubi because if the kyubi will be at the state of dying he will release even more tails but i think that one of these two can happen 1:or naruto loose the battle and pein is taking him to the hiden tower or wherenever he will and then something will happen and sasuke will save him (thats realy weird i dont what something like this to happen) and then the rest will be known. 2:or naruto somehow wins the battle or Danzu will do something that i dont realy expect from him beacase he dont want any of them to win… but most of all i hope that the father of ino and the others will find out about where is the true pein is hiding and do something about it but i dont think that pein will win the battle and not against naruto but the main battle even if he wins against naruto he wont be abble to do something about the others!!!

  3. I think Hinata is done. I mean, I didn’t want it to end like that for her, but she’s confessed her love for Naruto, and Kishi’s not gonna want to deal with the complications with Sakura. It was frustrating that she had to die, but I think she’s dead. We don’t know about Kakashi, though. I think he’s going to have to come back, because Sasuke hasn’t returned yet.

  4. look people hinata is not dead naruto beats pein kakashi isnt dead and sakura and naruto are not going to go together sakura is only ment for sasuke and the same for naruto and hinata

  5. its so unfair, i was hoping naruto ends up with hinata and they go on seeing how sakura is all about sasuke.. who knows, maybe they could have had a new generation with that lil pervy ninja teaching naruto and hinatas kid in the future…

    but we gonna have to trust in the writers who havent disappointed us yet. in Shippuuden we all had to deal with loss more rite? part of growing up i guesss

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