Gunparade March, anime…for summer!!

If you are stuck in your own house with nothing else to do then why not grab the remote control and browse shows that would kill your time without succumbing to unending boredom. Well, In my case that was somewhat effective since I tend to spend my time these past few days watching anime such as REBORN, NARUTO, GETBACKERS, GUNPARADE MARCH,GODS OF OLYMPUS(not sure of the real title) and even CARDCAPTOR SAKURA!!!

I love all these anime and the story. Too bad, GUnparade March would only have 2 more episodes left. I just can’t believe that they only have 12 episodes for this cool anime. I just love the anime that I can’t help myself not to laugh and really get myself into the story. The story is really good and nice. Well… I think I just have to savor the two last episodes… I’ll definitely gonna buy a dvd copy for this anime… :))


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