Naruto and Konoha’s destruction???


Things are not quite good in Konoha. The Akatsuki are in motion in finding Naruto and is killing lots of characters in the series. There are also lots of speculations about the true nature of Pain and his real body. Naruto, on the other hand, could not go to Konoha for no apparent reasons. The Akutsuki is trying very hard and was able to got the information that Naruto is not in Konoha. Pain’s actions are not yet known but he could cause too much destructions on Konoha as well as to those who are dear to Naruto. Sasuke is not yet visible on the latest mangas and possible meeting with sakura and his ex-friends is not yet shown(I hope it would be soon.)

Konoha is suffering too much destruction on the hand of these people and many ANBU’s and ninjas are at risk. Can Naruto stop the Akatsuki and save his beloved village on the hands of the Akatsuki???

The manga is still on and every week, different chapters and stories are being unfold.


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