NARUTO’S reunion with his father, the 4th Hokage

naruto and minato

Well, Naruto kind-of-lost his hope and tried to break the seal that the 4th Hokage gave to him. After the 8th tail of the demon fox appeared, the 4th hokage were able to come back to stop Naruto.

He then told him that he is his son and that he must not try to break the seal for it might cause much trouble for Konoha. He told him that the masked-Akatsuki member is the one that is controlling Pain and the one that is responsible why the Fox attacked the Konoha sixteen years ago.

Before disapperaing, Minato, strengthen the seal again and told Naruto that he must do everything to stop Pain in a manner that he believes for there is still hope that Konoha can be rebuilt.

The manga episode ended upon the disapperanace of the demon fox…and Naruto is ready to face and fight Pain, no matter what may happen…


3 comments on “NARUTO’S reunion with his father, the 4th Hokage

    • no its not impossible watch the shipuden now ep 126

      naruto gives up and wants the pain and suffering gone hes up to the 7 tails by now
      the demon tells him destroy everything ill help u out naruto accepts more like confuzzzled acepts the blood bath picks naruto up

      now hes the 8tails and getting closer to the seal naruto then touchs it and as he was bout to pull it the 4ths grabs him by the arm

      got him down the demon looked surprised …… and then the show kinda stopped from thgeir next week is the new ep and final ep of naruto ship

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