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The truth about Erin Andrews’ controversial peephole video scandal

Controversial videos in the internet never cease to destroy one’s life. Video that contains sex, nudity and embarrassing actions continues to swirl around the internet causing lots of controversies. Filipinos are not yet over with one of the most controversial sex videos that created a big fuss on the entertainment industry as well as on women’s right violations.

Controversial videos often victimized popular and big stars in the entertainment industry such as Paris Hilton(in Hollywood), Katrina Halili , Hayden Kho and a lot of people who do not just have a career to look into but also a reputation to keep. Embarrassing videos containing nudity and sexual acts continue to circulate and nobody can ever control the massive online sharing that sometimes took place in sites like of B****** and R*****. The list of people involved in these scandalous videos is becoming too long and many more are becoming unknown victims of it.

This kind of situation put ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews into the spotlight of public scrutiny as well as public humiliation when a video showing her naked body circulated around the internet. The said video was captured through the peephole in her hotel room and was taken without her knowledge and consent.

She had not known that it had been in the internet for months and was available ever since in a French video site called Dailymotion last February 17, 2009. Her attorney and other concern individuals tried to stop its streaming through removing it from downloadable sites but it seems it was a waste of time for the video was release a couple of months ago that they could not track all those who has copies of it. The harm on her part has already been done that she had to take a break from her work and become too aloof in cameras.

The people behind the videos are not yet known and the personnel in that particular hotel are still under the investigation of deputy police and private investigators for they fear that Erin Andrews’ case is just the tip of the iceberg and they believe that there are still many videos as well as new victims on the verge of exploitations. That is why many people are working into creating laws that would prohibit and control online media sharing so as to lessen the damages of unsolicited pornographic material to other people especially on women.