It’s me!!!

Aimae7” being fulfilled doesn’t mean you have everything you want…it is being contented”

life is not as what we wanted it to be. We go through a lot of challenges and difficulties to test how far we can go and to be able to realize what are our weaknesses. Being weak doesn’t suit my personality but i have to admit that there were times that I really feel that i am a useless individual. I don’t know what drives me to believe that i am still here for a certain reason when all my hopes had fallen.

Failing the expectations of those who believe in me degrades myself. I really don’t understand why I can’t accept failure. For There are no room for failure in my life and that somewhat hinders me to grow up. I want to grow. To be mature enough in handling problems and be able to decide for my own life. I am not serious in dealing sensitive issues that sometimes resulted into regrets and deep sorrows.

I wanted things in my own perspective. I wanted to manipulate lives for my own good. I tried but somehow I failed. Countless times I can’t do anything but cry. And then I realized…”Hey, will crying solve all my problems…” Then, i always asked myself, “what have I done? Can i change it?” but at the back of my mind, i know that i am very stupid. I can appreciate things when it’s too late… I criticize even if I am not in the position to do so…And I let go of someone because of my stupid pride.

“I am not what people believed me to be.”

But that was before. Now, I am what people sees me. Because being true to yourself sweep away all insecurities, and fears. Being true to myself…BEST SUIT MY PERSONALITY…