Yay! I successfully completed my final defense for my manuscript. I spent almost three years doing my SP (Special Problem) and I am so happy that I am getting closer to my “SABLAY” days.  Keep pushing Aimae. You’re almost there.

Of course, I won’t miss this opportunity to give my best pose. 🙂 Vanity is indeed a work of art(kidding).

IMG_1040 IMG_1041 IMG_1036 IMG_1035 IMG_1034 IMG_1032

I am so thankful to my Mama and Papa for being supportive (which means shopping! ) Yay! Loving my dress and shoes!!

IMG_1044 IMG_1042 IMG_1057

With my Mama(papa’s not in picture) and supportive friends(SP buddies)…


First day of class!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!


Today is the official start of classes in my university and I know that lots  of student are kinda excited about it except me. Well, I am now in my fifth year in my university, though my major would normally take four years to complete but I need to extend because of some unprecedented events that had happened on the past but let’s not dwell on that too much since I have already accepted that everything would not actually happen according to my plans.

The idea of having my third PE(Physical Education) class on Mondays would just ruin my holidays but I have no choice since most of the other PE classes would not fit on my schedule and I have to prioritize major subjects rather than my PE. I have to attend classes on PE every Monday and tat would be at around 4 pm. Normally, I am sleeping or surfing the net at that time. I also need to focus on my studies especially that I will be starting my SP(Special Problem or Thesis) and without this, I could not graduate, and will never be.

I just hope that everything will flow smoothly for this time.

I can do this.