embarking into a totally different life….

I’m very busy researching for our research topic about coconut lumber industry that I wasn’t able to attend last Saturday’s soccer game. I have to make sure first that everything is according to the time frame that I employed in making the research proposal to avoid cramming that could result into low marks.

I really wanted to make good in my studies and to be able to pass all of my subjects. It might have a big effect in my extra activities but I just can’t take the risks. I have a lot of things that I need to do and priorities that needs focus. It’s kinda weird that I can still have time for myself to unwind and I’m very happy that somewhat I am enjoying the way I am living my life right now.

I juts don’t need to live it to the fullest but I need to be fruitful and to be able to reach all my goals right now. Even if it means I have to embark into a totally different life compared to what I had before.




Christmas Vacation is finally here but I am still stuck here in school to do some errands and homework. I’m not into a good mood for i am still   thinking for a possible  research topic for the upcoming submission of our research proposal.And I could not think of anything( and don’t ask me why???)

And then, I have to deal with our ferocious landlady who keeps on changing her mind regarding our rental payment and I was left here totally broke. Because of that my finances become limited and I have to stick to a very tight budget plan and wait till my parents send me my allowance.

Bad  luck seems to pour over me for I made a scene yesterday in a mall here in our place.Well, one foolish old-foreign man, called me dumb for I wasn’t able to hear him says  “Excuse me” and with that I was blocking his way.I became mad and told him that I am not dumb and it was his fault for he was sort of whispering when he was trying to passed before me. And I called him “old hag.” And thank God, I was able to control myself for I was in the brim of showing that old man that he can never put me down and disrespect me.

Those kinds of people doesn’t have any right to disrespect someone especially when  they are foreigner. The nerve of that old(DOM) foreign guy. The next time, I will not tolerate those things and will show to them that they should not act superior just because they are foreigners(we benefited from them through tourism).

what a day!!!