This is why I am “unconventionally” sexy….

Yay! Fast food. ūüôā I know..I know..but I so love them…waaaahh


Day 23- Something you crave for a lot


I want to eat pizza! I think I haven’t eaten¬†pizza¬†for a month¬†because I am too busy with my acads. I don’t know but I really love pizza. I love it so much that I am ready to give up my diet(LOL) for it. Hahahaa.


I just love eating ..*no wonder, i am engaging myself in a long battle with dieting. hahaha.Maybe funny, maybe not. Well.. I don’t know but recently, I can’t control my cravings especially when it comes to eating. there was ¬†a time that I really¬†wanted¬†to eat pizza that even if i was on a tight budget , I still¬†managed to pigged out in a very affordable manner.

I went to greenwich with a friend and since I COULD NOT AFFORD THE WHOLE PIZZA. I ordered 2 combo meals. yes. 2.

1 combo meal is just around 99 pesos (less than $2.5) and is served with 1 regular coke, 1 piece JUMBO chicken, 1 whole rice and 1/2 order of Spaghetti. yes. A heartfelt and heavy meal if you ask me. Since I also wanted to eat pizza, i opted to buy the Snack COmbo which is just 59 pesos or less than $2. yes. less than $2 and you get 1 regular coke(had 2 glasses of regular coke) and 2 pieces of rolled edge Hawaiian Pizza.

After eating, I was so full and very satisfied with the food. i have always love¬†Greenwich¬†and I will always love their food. They don’t just¬†taste¬†good…their prices are very reasonable too.:)


I love PIZZA so much that I want to eat PIZZA everyday!!

Well, too bad..the pizza here in my place is around 10$(at least) and pizza  stores are really far from my place..Kinda sad.

Well..I do crave for pizza everyday… PIZZA is one of my guilty pleasures.. ‚̧ ‚̧ <3..

I’m actually planning to try the 36″ pizza or the super duper big pizza but I need some companions since I could not eat it alone..hahha…

Below are pictures of some of my pizza adventures..:D

Don’t worry… I am not eating that¬†pizza¬†alone..I am with four friends at taht time..the doughwas kinda thick ¬†so two¬†slices¬†of pizza were enough to make me feel full..(from Yellowcab)

Well..Sad to say that we really didn’t like the pizza here..I think this is the Manhattan Meat Lovers but the pizza was ¬†really weird so there were leftovers(yeah..with S)…

One thing that I like about the pizza in greenwhich ¬†is that the dough is really good ¬†and crispy and it’s fully loaded with toppings..yummy..this is the “5 star bacon burger melt overload thin crust ” family size pizza ¬†from¬†greenwhich¬†and I ate this pizza together with my friend, Cheena. We were craving for pizza at that time so we decided to have one. ¬†The waiter was kinda shocked to see the both of us eating a family size. Well, their double size was really small so we decided to have the family size. ¬†I love pizza and I want to eat more..

The cheese and bacon were really fantastic..

I’ll be posting for more pizza updates..:D

Enjoy and crave for more pizza!!!

Busy life

I have been neglecting my blog for the past days because I was kinda busy because of my work and studies. I really want to post something here or maybe to update  but it was kinda hard for me given that my time was kinda limited. I actually have 3 jobs as of the moment and at the same time, I am still a student.

Well… I actually have lots of stuff to do but I decided to take a break for a while and do the thing that I love the most, blogging.

I’m kinda happy that somewhat there are few people who loves to visit my blog and they do left me substantial comments and I do appreciate them. I do visit my page in a¬†regular¬†basis but making a blog post is somewhat ¬†hard to do since I do take a lot of time writing one. hahaa…


I’m kinda happy amidst all the problems because of those people who are always there for me and I can now feel their presence and because of that, I’m kinda courageous to stand up and face all those problems.

I’m also gettin’ addicted to pizza and I’m really having a hard time going on a diet. I’m planning to take herbalife becuase I heard a lot of good stuff about it. Hope it works..hahha

Love yah all and thank you for visiting my page.:)