Last December, I had so much things to do that I wasn’t able to post anything here. I am really trying my very best to be active in blogging but school, work and some personal stuffs are taking most of my time and I could not even have enough time for sleep. Nonetheless, I could really say that my December has been a blast as I get to spend it with my family and friends.  One blog post might not be enough to sum up my December but this is long overdue so just bear with me.

Culmination/Recognition exercise for our Day Care Math Tutorials


Rarejob Christmas Party.  The yearly photo op with our CEO plus my cute Double strap Mary Jane Heels.


Spending Time with Sisters and Friends….

sisters sisters IMAG0165


Enjoying the HOLIDAY SEASON..

new year xmas Photo0605

A YEAR-END TRIP BACK TO MY HOMETOWN WITH MY TRAVEL BUDDY- SHAIRA.  We only had a day to spare for this trip but it was so fun as we were able to meet cool and fun people especially the “soulsurfers.” Shaira was also succesful for her first try in surfing while I wasn’t able to overcome my fear of the BIG WAVES.  Nonetheless, it was an epic adventure for us.  I hope to be back there in Amihan sa Dahican and hopefully, I  will be able to dominate the waves. Cheers for a good friend and a good trip.


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New Year’s Resolution!

Everybody says that I need to slim down.

Yeah. I think so!

I really need to lose a lot of weight especially that I am afraid of some  future illnesses that are related to unhealthy lifestyle and overweight.

The holiday season was one of the biggest challenge in my diet that ,sadly,  I lost. Overeating screwed my plans of losing at least 5 kg for this month.*sigh*

Well, overeating may not be the only one that I need to ponder on but also with “overspending”. I am an impulsive buyer and I really need to change that especially that I am now in a tight budget for I wanted to buy a laptop or a camera and I don’t have a stable job and my allowance is pretty enough for my personal needs especially for my school stuffs.

I really need to have a fruitful 2010 since this year will be full of diffrerent sets of challenges that will be much more difficult and fun compared from the previous year!

I can do this!