A Samal Escapade: Island hopping and Snorkeling adventure

My college/coursemates and I decided to do island hopping in Samal for our summer escapade. It is something that we really wanted for so long but always thwarted by our busy schedule and other priorities in life. Good thing, the summer season gave us an opportunity to enjoy the beach and spend some time to meet-up and bond over seawater and sands.

We visited three areas: Coral Garden, Babu Santa, Angel’s Cove. Coral Garden and Angel’s Cove are best for snorkeling and diving.  I was really thinking of diving but I was hesitant because the last time that I did helmet diving, I had a hard time with my breathing due to my asthma and I was not yet confident as I was having colds at that time. Nonetheless, I enjoyed snorkeling and I would love to go back and enjoy the scenery under the water.

Coral Garden:

The view infront of Coral Garden










Too bad, I don’t have an underwater camera so I could not capture the beauty of the coral reefs. (I am really thinking of investing for my future adventures).

The happy lover of the sea…IMG_2385


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