Boracay 2014: Halloween

I was actually planning to spend my 25th Birthday in Boracay but it did not push through due to a sudden change in my workplace (I ended up moving to another place, I used to work in Estancia which is a 5-hour travel to Boracay), So when I had another opportunity to go back to Estancia, I also grab the chance for a side trip to Boracay (3D2N). Too bad, my camera was actually not cooperating due to some internal problems( I went to Gigantes prior to the Boracay trip and some water gets into my camera during the island hopping so I was not able to use it that much.)


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA                   (View from our accommodation)

I also had so much fun doing parasailing and helmet diving.




Camera 14MP-9PC

Camera 14MP-9PC

Camera 14MP-9PC

I actually like Boracay and I really want to go back as I believe there are still a lot of things that I haven’t done  and places I haven’t explored yet. I had so much fun and I really love the night life of Boracay especially that during my first night, there was actually a firework display(for Halloween party, I guess). It was really cool and I really don’t get to see fireworks that much since there is a zero tolerance here in my city about firecrackers and fireworks.

Till then, Boracay.


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