73/365: Back to back.


I got discharged from the hospital Last Tuesday and the doctor told me that I could go back working but of course, I need to be very cautious on my food intake and must strictly follow my medication. I actually have mixed feelings but I know that I could not let this opportunity to pass. Come on, i haven’t yet explored   the tourist spots in Estancia and its neighboring municipalities/cities. Moreover, it’s gonna be mind over matter. I’m quite not really in a good condition, I mean this is the result of my inability to look after my health when I was busy living life to the fullest. It’s actually a realization that I could still live life to the fullest without the need to sacrifice my health. I just need to eat the right food, exercise and avoid those that might trigger my GERD and asthma. Don’t worry, I can still eat some from time to time but it should be in moderation as I don’t want to deprive myself from such delight.


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