Eat Like a Viking

#This is a very late post 

A gastronomic adventure with the best weirdos in the world as we decided to explore the newly open buffet restaurant, Vikings. The newest buffet restaurant in the city has been creating a buzz and I understand now the reason for the hype.  When we visited the place (over months ago), my friends and I were greeted with a long queue outside of the resto while we were hoping that our  reservation wasn’t cancelled because aside from the fact that it was quite difficult to get a reservation, we also wanted to avail of the 20% discount(well, technically 25% off minus  the 5% service charge).

The moment we stepped inside, we were so awed by the place, it’s really big yet the place was almost full-packed but it was the overwhelming wide selection of food that struck us the most.


It was a fusion of the best cuisines, name it: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Pinoy, and etc. I had  a hard time choosing where to start picking food (lol!). I have tried a lot of buffet restaurants but the amount of food that was served in Vikings were incomparable (as of the moment.) Yes, unlimited lechon, sushi, SHRIMPS, turkey, bbq,patatim…. just too many to mention.

???????????????????????????????(First round. PS: for 4 persons…)


The deserts. Just pure heaven.

We stayed for more than two hours and we were only able to try around 60 – 75%  of what they can offer. Too bad, we don’t have an expandable stomach but nonetheless, we were so satisfied. One thing is for sure, I will return to Vikings…  Hopefully, the soonest.


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