No more excuses

I miss blogging and I do have lots of queues waiting to be edited/posted. I don’t want to give an excuse that I am busy, well, I’m kind of busy but I think my failure to employ the best time management skill is what keeps me away from blogging. *sigh* so here I am writing my heart out again.I don’t want to be melodramatic right now but I really need to release some of my thoughts that are actually bugging me for days.

I do work for 48 hours a week, not to mention the various part-time jobs that I do to make ends meet and pamper myself with the things that I love. Some may not understand the kind of life that I am trying to live but I don’t give a d anymore as I am so fed up justifying my actions.  I have come to realize a lot of things now. Things that made me value myself above anything else and accept the fact that I should stop worrying about what others might think about me. My priorities in life may not be the same with other people but that does not mean that I am heading to self-destruction.

In the eyes of other people. I’m just the girl who is so messed up with her life right now. I may not be totally happy and satisfied with my life but that does not mean I am  miserable too. That’s not so me. I have been so positive and this is not my excuse or facade but a way for me to keep pushing myself to be better. It’s my attitude towards life that set me far from these people. Let’s just say that I have shifted my mindset now that I started treating every problem as a challenge and a gift. It’s a gift that leads me to become more compassionate, resilient and strong.

Maybe, if you  would start digging deeper about me rather than judging every thing that you just see, you might understand why I am still sane and trying to be happy despite being bombarded with the greatest challenges ever. What you see right now is not the mess but the phase in which I am currently in. It’s just a phase and sooner or later, I’ll overcome it.



One comment on “No more excuses

  1. Everyone has their own view on what “success” is and how it looks like. You have yours. Do what makes you happy and you’ll have more success than most people have.

    Naks. Hahaha. I sound so old.

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