I know what I want in my life.  Sad to say, I am not yet at par with the things that I really want  to achieve and here I am now, in a crossroad where I can be on track in achieving my dreams and away from my comfort zone. A possibility which is the only thing that I am holding on to right now. Some are discouraging me to plunge into it right away as it may be too risky. I may not be prepared of the outcome and my sacrifices might be futile. However, I realized that I won’t know if it’s worth it or not if I won’t try at all.  How long do I need to wait in order for me to be ready? When can I tell that I am already up for it? These questions will remain unanswered if I will continue to fear taking risks. I may fall and face disappointments but they are all part of the journey.  I have been through a lot but facing greater challenges is not easy but life has not been easy. I learned it the hard way.


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