Realizations from the Corporate Selfies/Selcas.


Oh! Hello! Excuse my excessive vanity but I could not help myself not to take some self-captured photos(selca/selfie). What do you think of my hairstyles? I’m really having a hard time in expressing myself and trying to choose a style that would fit the corporate environment while not compromising to incorporate my identity. Back in the university, I don’t really have to worry about these kind of things as my university did not impose dress code and we’re free to wear anything. Dyed and crazy hairstyles were kind of norms and people won’t judge you for it.  It was the main reason why I was confident flaunting my crazy hairstyle/s as the students and people there made me feel that I can be whoever I want. However, my university life has ended and I have to face a world where I must conform to its rules.  I also have to accept that I  have to deal with a lot of different people now, whom may find my sense of style a bit off and exaggerated.

That is a challenge that I must face but I know very well that it will always be up to me to decide on this matter. I know that change is inevitable and sooner or later, I might have to embrace a different path. I may change and no longer be the girl with the crazy hairstyle but that doesn’t mean I will lose my identity along the process.

As I have said before and would love to reiterate  over and over again, I won’t let anyone define me.  Having a crazy hairstyle is not the only thing about me as I have lots of things to show to the world. Just brace yourselves (lol).

Rest assured that whatever decision I make, I promise to enjoy every moment of it.

P.S. Don’t worry, I can still be crazy from time to time. Hahaha.


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