The moment I logged in, I got a notification from the admin telling me that I am celebrating my 5th year anniversary in this blogging site. Hooray for that. I know that I have been neglecting this blog and I really feel guilty about it. As much as i want to write and just blog the whole day,I know I just can’t as I need to earn a living but let’s not dwell about my frustrations and bitterness in life as I want to celebrate this day.

I know that I am not a perfect blogger and sometimes, my grammar sucks but it doesn’t actually make me feel less like of a blogger. I created this blog not to please anyone but to make a space in which I could pour my heart’s content and write about random things. This blog has become my sweet little haven and I treasure everything that’s in here even the post about lyrics. There are times that I love to go through each post and I always feel confident and happy especially when I realized how random I can be.  Sometimes, I speak about love, life and then shift about fashion. I don’t really have a problem about it as I don’t want to focus on blogging about just one particular thing. I want this blog to be spontaneous, random and very much free. I want this blog to represent a portion of me so I don’t want to put a label on it. This is not a fashion blog nor a lifestyle blog, this is Mayms’ blog, always and forever.


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