My Mini Kikay Kit Essentials

Today, I spent the whole day at the computer laboratory  and while waiting for the program to terminate, I decided to check my kikay kit where I store my little stash of make-up which I usually use when I’m at school. I don’t bring a lot especially when I am doing some school stuff as my laptop, notes, readings and charger would take up most of the space in my bag and I do have problems with organizing so the lesser the  items in my bag, the better.

I love to keep my make-up in a small pouch like the one on the pic below as it saves me from the clutter .


Here’s a peek of what inside my kikay kit. Allow me to introduce them to you one by one. 😛

IMG_0983Avon’s Simply Pretty Compact powder– This is one of the very few brands that I love when it comes to compact powder. As a matter of fact, I am not really a fan of compact powder and I prefer loose powder but somewhat it’s quite messy and bulky to bring especially when I’m using smaller bags.

IMG_0984Nivea face sunscreen– The reason that I bring this one is that I often feel the need to apply sunscreen especially if I have to commute during noontime and  at the same time , I’m travelling from school. Motorcycle is the main transportation here so it is inevitable for me to bare my face to Mr. Sun.

IMG_0985Mary Kay Timewise Matte Liquid Foundation– I love mary kay’s liquid foundation because of its matte finish and it’s in a smaller tube so it is very handy to bring and convenient to use for retouching. I used to bring my skin79 BB cream ( I love it though) but it’s very bulky and not  very convenient(it’s not in a tube)  as it takes much of the space and couldn’t fit inside the pouch.

IMG_0996Fullerlife/CollorFull Sunset Lipstick – This is my all-time favorite  everyday lipstick and this is actually my 3rd buy (already on its new packaging). I love this shade as it is very safe to use in almost every occasion. Moreover , it’s very much affordable as this lipstick costs only 98 pesos ($2-$3).

IMG_0992Mary Kay Pink Melon Creme Lipstick – This is my new addiction and I really love this shade especially that I don’t appear too “Nicki Minaj”.  This will be my main lippie for  the love month. chos!

IMG_0995Make-up Brushes – Most of the time, I bring with me my small compact make up kit that contains 4 or 8 shades of eye-shadows. So I always make sure to bring two or three brushes for easier application. 


I love makeup and they make me feel happy and sane even if I’m in the middle of stressful laboratory works for the implementation of my SP (thesis). I don’t mind being stressed as I have these lovies to make me appear less stressful, even if I’m really dying of too much  work and studying.



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