You can’t keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick. – Heather Locklear

1. estee lauder pink champagne lipstick 2. colorfull sunset lisptick  3. Mary Kay Red Rogue

Vanity strikes again.. 😀 ❤ Bored to I decided to try some of my almost forgotten lipsticks… Didn’t do so much yesterday so I ended up messing up with my webcam(That explains the quality of the pics) and edited some stuff that I found on my computer… After browsing the net for such a long time, I came across with an interesting quote ” dare to be different or live to be forgotten…” and realized a lot of thing of being different [physically]….

I dare to be different, in a good way… Well, at least it’s enough for me to uplift my self.  As you can see, I have a very curly [kinky] hair but here in my country, it’s not ordinary. Most of the girls here have straight and shiny hair. I love my hair but I hate how people make me feel because of it. Some are saying I have a unique hair but lots of people are quite so not into it. Every time I walked around my city or strolled inside the mall, I always get unnecessary glances and attention.. some people laugh at me.. some people call me names… I hate such feeling..make me feel a bit awkward about everything. However, I realized that there’s no point of being too sensitive about what other people think of me. I may be different in front of  them but who cares, I’m happy and proud of myself. If they can’t handle me…then they are not worthy of my time and attention. I should not let other people to affect me… Right now, I am embracing the fact that I don’t have a long, straight hair and I don’t mind being called “the girl with the crazy hairstyle..”  More’s just my hair… if they would judge me solely because of my hair then it only proves how shallow they are and I don’t want to stoop down into their level…


Have a good day ahead.. 😀 ❤


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