Let’s Talk About Make UP and Face Products….

I guess it’s about time for me to talk about this topic though don’t expect me to be that highly technical since I’m not really that of a make up or beauty guru. I’m already 23 years old and whether I like it or not, I need to start taking care of my skin especially my face as stress, pollution and even the heat of the sun are quite damaging my oh-so-clear face(kidding.) I don’t have a perfect skin but I’m happy that I don’t suffer from pimple breakouts and acne on my face but of course I have these annoying whiteheads and blackheads. I also have some pimples but they don’t like staying on my face but rather they love to populate on my scalp. Oh yes, imagine the pain that I have to endure every time I dye my hair.

I don’t have much knowledge about make up and skincare but I’m very much satisfied with the products that I’m using right now.  Such products work for me and I’ll try to have a rundown of the products that I love to use.

Facial Wash: It’s very important to wash our face and every girl[or boy ] should take it as a habit every morning and evening.  It cleanses our face and goes deep to our pores to remove the residues of make up and dirt. I feel lucky that I don’t have issues with the products that I’m using, believe it or not but I tend to use different facial wash every month but I’d only choose from the mild ones. My favorite brands for facial wash are Celeteque, Etude House[Happy Tea time] and Avon Products.  Not only they free my skin with the impurities brought by pollution and excessive use of make up but they are also good when it comes to brightening/whitening my face. More importantly, these products are really affordable as you can get a 100 ml tube for 100-200 pesos.  If you’re up to the cheapest, then go for the Etude House Tea Time as they have the 150 ml tube for just 148 pesos. The tube is really big and can even last for months. I kinda like the smell too. if you prefer fragrance-free then go for Celeteque.

Moisturizers.  This is the part that I’m quite guilty of skipping not that I want to but just because I’m quite lazy.  I actually use face moisturizers at most 4 times a week, mostly during night time. I am not really particular with the brand for face moisturizer as long as I feel good about it. I would always love Avon Products[ because they are affordable] but I also use my all-time favorite brands like Olay, Ponds and Celeteque.

Cleanser.  Using facial cleansers is also important in keeping our face dirt and oily free.  It seems that facial cleansers do the ” tough job” when it comes to cleansing the face, removing pimples, preventing blackheads and whiteheads and minimizing the size of the pores. I love the Celeteque Facial Cleanser and would totally recommend it. I’ve also tried St. Ives, really good but really expensive. Also, if I’m sticking with a tight budget or00 if a week before payday that I’d run out of cleanser, I’d try the cheap brands like Eskinol. I like it, mild and really effective. My only complain is that the solution makes my skin really dry, not sure with others.

Facial Mask. I love Facial Masks but most of them are quite pricey. I love buying Facial Masks from Watson as the store sold the cheaper and affordable ones. The only problem that I have is that I always finish working at around midnight and I always fail putting my facial mask on. I’m not even sure if it is advisable to use it after hours of facing the computer. I’m also crazy with etude’s facial masks. Sometimes, I end up doing my DIY face masks with the use of what’s available in the kitchen like honey, eggs and some fruits like avocado and papaya [thank you internet].

Face Scrubs. I always have a hard time looking for the right face scrubs or face exfoliation cream so I always end up creating my own face scrubs with the use of oatmeal, lemon and sugar. As much as possible, I want to use natural-based products to give my face a break from all the solutions and chemicals from the other face products that I used. I’m not just sure if I’m doing the right thing but at least I don’t suffer from acne or pimple breakouts.

Foundation.  After all the bruhaha of keeping one’s face or skin healthy and clean, I guess I have to accept that those products won’t hide my imperfections so time to do some cover-ups. I rarely used foundations but I do prefer BB creams compared to liquid foundation.  Currently, I am using skin79 BB cream and I really love it, it gives me the needed cover up without making my face too bright.

Make up. It makes me feel sad whenever people think that I don’t like the way I look just because I wear make up. No. I just love to make myself more beautiful and I want to highlight my good features with the help of  make up.  Choosing the right make up depends on the person that is using them. Just stay away from fake products as those things can cause terrible pimple breakouts.   I do use a lot of make up and I have a fair share of cheap and expensive ones. I don’t buy a lot but enough for me to try different looks for a year. Moreover, it is important to consider the expiry date of make up. Some make up products should only be used for a year or two.


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