I just love it when Forever21 KR offers the buy1take1 promo. The best part about it is that  you can only get those things that are in the SALE category or those who have been mark down to 50% and even to 80% less. That is what I call as a real steal.

I don’t live in Korea but there is a store in FB that offers the opportunity to buy things from Korean stores and online stores,pack the goodies and ship it to the Philippines plus the fees are really  affordable.

Last August, they had the buy1take1 promo and I bought these two things at P 1145 pesos plus shipping fee[200 pesos]

.At the same time, I also got a two toned Dress for 350 since I get to share the buy1take1 with a friend.

I received them two weeks ago and I’m very happy.

Moreover, Forever21 Kr once again offered the buy1take1 sale promo for the fall season. I told my friends about it and they were really excited shopping and we decided to order together so we can share the shipping fees. Hahaha.

My September F21 Haul is expected to arrive on the 1st week of October. I decided to get a wooden platform heels while I shared the free one to my younger sister who bought a  shoes/heels that she can wear to school[that is something that I am not sure of since most of her classes are in the 5th floor and her school does not have any elevator /escalator.]

Check them out:

I got the two shoes for P1245 + a small amount of shipping. I share the box with three other friends so we have to divide the shipping fees.

My sister, which is located in Cebu, and her friends also ordered from the site through me. She spent around P1450.00 + shipping fees from Mla to Cebu, where she shared the fees with her two office mates, for the items below:

I’m really happy with my forever21 hauls and I am hoping for another buy1take1.


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