Hello September.

Oh-eem-gee. September is here and all I really want is to sleep. Just wake me up when September ends and make sure that I’m done with my SP proposal defense, implementation and just some data left to sort. Oh no. It seems that this would be the busiest month evah. Too many workload, SP/Thesis stuffs . Oh well. Goodbye Social Life, let’s just meet this December. šŸ˜

Don’t mind my usual pessimistic self. How’s your September fo far?

Mine, so-so.

I watched theĀ cheer danceĀ competition and tried the popular restaurant near my school called ” Bulaluan ni Mang Simo”… Well.. the food’s really delicious and affordable..COuld not ask for more..hello 3 cups of rice…goodbye diet.

My august preorder from Forever 21 Kr arrived and So I am feasting on my new loves. Hello 2nd pair of Zebra prints shoes. šŸ™‚

I also got a cute pink corset but sadly, it was too small for me. šŸ˜¦ Sad Aimae is sad. Well, I should stop buying Large clothes and try to accept that I’m 2XL or maybe, I should go on a strict diet. LOL.


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