I decided to write this post because I just found out that I lost my “Oh Aaron” CD. *waaaahhh**sobbing*  I don’t know where I put the Cd and I feel like I have lost something very important. I really love that  CD. I remember that I had to throw a fit just to make my parents bought it for me when I was in fourth grade. Imagine me not talking to my parents for almost a day and I did even cried in front of the store just to show my parents how I was  dead serious of having that CD. After hours of cold war, my parents gave in and bought the CD for me. My siblings even learned to love AC because I always play it like there’s no tomorrow.

I hope I can still find it.. I don’t want a new one.. i want the old CD back… I can still memorize some of the lyrics especially with “Oh Aaron” ANd Stride… At the same time, I think I have also lost my “coast to coast” westlife CD too..waaaahhh.. Those two Cds were the only CDs that I (technically, my parents) bought when I was in elementary… too much heartache for today..

I know that I can still download those songs or buy new ones( if there are still available) but I want the old ones even if they are broken already or will not play properly. I want them back..:( I’m not the type of person who really buys Cds or albums and when I do..it means that I am really crazy about the singer or the songs..It even took me two or three years before I let other people to borrow  or even touch my albums.. 😦

Now, I’m thinking of putting my BB albums in a safe box(silly me..). 😦


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