How To Travel The World On The Cheap (with Graham Hughes)

The video is one of those things that intensifies my desire to travel. I always hesitate to travel because I am not that financially stable and I am not certain on what places I must visit first. This year, I really wanted to visit a lot of places..I may not yet capable of visiting other countries but I’ll try to explore and visit the popular places here in Philippines.


2 comments on “How To Travel The World On The Cheap (with Graham Hughes)

  1. Well, I’m not financially stable either …but why do you have to be financially stable …awwww, westernm thinking.

    I was clicking through the video when I saw “purchase a decent guidebook as he showed the lonely planet Afghanistan …hahahahaha …the worst example possible. I purchased that …could get you killed.

    Nah, if you wanna travel, than travel. It’s eye-opening, educational, life changing and worth every penny. Work your way out from the phillipines, it’s a great area of the world …have fun.

    • Would love to.. I’m still a student and I don’t have any savings yet that’s why I’m feeling hesitant about travelling abroad but yeah..I ‘ll work hard to travel… I wanna see the world and explore.. 🙂 😀

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