In the December of 2011, I went to Occidental Mindoro to serve as crew member on a thesis of a friend. It was a documentary, focused on a Mangyan community in the area.

I still remember the night of my arrival. It was early morning, 1AM to be exact, there were few streetlights in the place and most everything was shrouded in darkness, except for that which were illuminated by the headlights of the tricycle I was riding. All I could see were outlines, outlines of shapes which loomed around me, which seemed to shape the very identity of the land. I was intrigued by it and resolved to see the lay of the area better in the morning.

The outlines the night before didn’t do the land justice. Majestic were the mountains, surrounding the Mangyan community village -which we were in- on both sides, almost enclosing the area in…

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