It may not be that obvious but I am really into kpop. Don’t try to lecture me about not being able to understand the lyrics as there are many  ways for that. At the same time, I don’t need a translation to really feel and understand what the music is all about since most of my favorite kpop songs can actually express and deliver the meaning of their songs through the different emotions and styles they show while singing. Trust me, they really do.

I am a die-hard YG fan(Bigbang , 2ne1, se7en,etc) but this year, YG is not that busy as of the moment as the company is preparing for BigBang’s comeback(Feb 29) and 2ne1’s Japanese and american album(Yay! for that). At the same time, Yg is also set to debut new groups this year but with YG’s trolling power, we will never know the exact date of their debut.

The current influx of boy and girl groups into Kpop scene is actually frustrating as I am having a hard time keeping up with them, I am not yet sure but with the rate of the debut of new groups, the whole South Korea might be part of the entertainment industry by 2015(kidding). There are actually good songs released by the rookie groups but their debut are not that strong compared to the already established groups.  Just this January, MBLAQ released their new album 100% Ver. I so love the songs on the album especially Run, It’s War(main song) and Hello My Ex. the two remaining songs are equally as powerful as the three songs. I love the fact that MBLAQ was able to released an album full of awesome songs. I hate other groups for releasing an album with only one to two good songs and the remaining are just fillers in order for them to be able to release an “album’. Maybe, I have low tolerance on that especially that I am a YG fan where all of its singers and artists’ albums are full of cool and good songs where every song is worth every cent.

For MBlaq, I super love Run but It’s War is also a very powerful track. The Music Video is really good especially with Lee Jon’s ANgelina Jones-esque bullet drama. Thunder, on the other hand is so sexy and so handsome(yummy)!

My next favorite is Miryo’s New solo album in which the girl shows her rapping prowess. I am so inlove with Leggo(feat Narsha) and then Dirty(Title track). the other three tracks are quite amazing especially Revenge. I think I seem to love the non-title tracks but overall the album is really amazeballs. I always love BEG and I know that Miryo has powerful rapping skills( second to CL,I am YG-biased).Hahahaha.


Dirty is a cute lil song but the music video is a little off. It’s cool but not a fan of all the weirdness out there…


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