What I want to do…

I could not understand myself .. Seriously. There are lots of things that I wanted to do but I am not working on it. I’m still stuck in my university(at 22) and I might not graduate this April 2011 as I am not working on my SP(thesis). I am not that good in sorting out my priorities as I tend to do things that are not that important. I really wanted to graduate as I wanted to start working somewhere where I can be totally independent. I wanna explore the world, visit new places and experience a lot of adventures. I know I am not that prepared yet but I have to. I mus take the risk and set forth in reaching my goals. I need to finish my studies first, as I have promised my parents that I will get a college diploma, before I’ll go somewhere else. I wanna learn how to live and love just like crazy.

I feel so lost right now and I am not yet sure of what to do. I think this is the reason why I am not moving on and working on the things that I should be. I really need to stop this, I must. I am wasting a lot of chances and time. I’ll still travel the word, conquer new places and meet new people….


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