Fashion Goodies

Hello 2012 once again.

I am really excited about 2012 for so many reasons. (will talk about that soon).hahaha

Lately. I’ve been spending so much money when it comes to shoes, stiletto and some boots. I am becoming a certified shoe addict. This is really addicting and quite an expensive hobby. Shoe shopping has really been an effective stress reliever for me.

I remember 5 days ago, I was so stressed about some personal matters.I cried a lot and could not really make myself better.I was so drowned with my miseries that I couldn’t find any reason to celebrate the New year. Later on that day, I saw  a certain shop in fb selling Forever 21 goodies with a  buy 1 take 1 promo. I just could not  believe how my feelings shifted from being too sad to overexcited shopper. I had fun browsing the site and decided to buy 2 pairs of shoes to make myself feel better.It’s actually a good buy as I only have to pay the maximum price(single price) for two pairs.

I ordered the Spring Fling and the Stripe Canvas Ankle. I’m too excited for it. I ordered it online and the site owner is based in South Korea so i have to until the 19th till the delivery of my loves. Hahahaha. I just found out that the Stripe Canvas Ankle costs around P1575 in Forever21 (Philippines stores) and guess what, I got the two pairs for P1200 pesos only.:)

I also bought chuck taylor inspired wedge which i got for a very reasonable price.

Plus, I am planning to buy the coat above. It’s around P1,100 pesos (28-$38).Yay! 🙂


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