Received a lot of good news bout my favorite kpop family yesterday bu I couldn’t spazz or post yesterday because I was not in a good condition. I just can’t contain the excitement and happiness when I read those news. Obviously, YG is a powerhouse entertainment company who got the swag and talent. Every fan of YG will never get disappointed with every song that it released because all were written and  produced perfectly.

Example of it is the new music video and song of Tablo “Bad”.

I wasn’t really expecting a music video for this song (I was expecting one for airbag)and this caught me off guard because of its steamy and hot scenes. The music video goes well with the message of the song and the emotions that Tablo is expressing while singing this song. This is one of the reason why I am so hands-down to the MVs of YG.  All are created with so much effort and with sense. I am not criticizing other entertainment companies but I think they should produced decent videos for their artists too because we have to accept that making videos with same themes and backgrounds are plain boring.

At the same time, I almost wept(with happiness) yesterday when i read that MBN(or MBC) will air Daesung’s musical drama “What’sUP”. yes. Daesung is really back. The drama will also have  18 episodes. yay! Check the promo of this drama which was released looong time ago.


Definitely, YES. 2ne1 and BIGBANG have been on the move for global domination as their talents are being recognized all arounfd the world especially on various international music awards, MAJOR music awards.

2ne1 is representing SOuth Korea for MTV Iggy Best New Band and you can show your support by voting on this link:

Bigbang, on the other hand, won the Nominees for Asia Pacific and will represent Asia Pacific for WORLDWIDE ACT and they will compete against Britney Spears. Yes. that’s huge. Pls continue on showing your supports for BB by voting on this link: . Look for the category ” Worldwide Act” and click vote on BIGBANG  as many as you can.

lastly, I was so happy when NY Daily News put 2ne1 and BIGBANG as part of the “5-must hear KPOP bands” and take note 2ne1 is the only girl group band. You’re gonna love the description about 2ne1. YG Family! hwaiting!!!


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