After two weeks 0f confinement because of sembreak I decided to stroll around SM Davao City which is the nearest mall in my place. I’m too bored and I just want to see a different place because if I spend another afternoon in our house, I might lose my sanity because of boredom.

At first, i was having second thoughts because I don’t really had enough  money(because it’s sembreak) and I had  barely 200 pesos in my pocket(around $5) but I must unwind because I feel so stressed out with a lot of things(personal matters). I went to the mall with my parents( because they paid  my fare) and I decided to check  some stores if they were offering  discounts or sale for the Halloween season. Though there are some stores who were offering huge discounts but then I only had $5.LOL

I remembered then that there was this new mini-stall(Mochi Creme)  in the second floor that sells daifuku or the “Japanese ice cream”. AT first I was having hesitations because it’s around $1 and  kinda small and I know with that amount, I can satisfy myself with the chicken fillet(with rice and coke) value meal of McDonalds but I’m too curious about it so I decided to give in. I want the strawberry daifuku rice cake but it was already sold-out so I ordered the ube yam mochi.

The ube yam mochi was really good maybe because of the mochi, mochi is a glutinous rice cake that is sticky, and I love the fillings too. It may not be mouth-watery because it’s a little frozen(This is a joke, LOL). After it, my mom and I decided to visit my cousin who is working at a certain shop inside the mall and she treated us with fruit salad. I also bought some   popcorn,waffles and then *burps*.

Well, kinda amazing that I spent only  around $2 and I was really full(maybe because the fruit salad was free and it was served  in a big size). I just strolled around the mall, did window-shopping and hurried back home because I need to work and I lost track of time. I hope to do much of this cheap de-stressing because  I really need some time to unwind because of some problems and I think this would be a nice opportunity for me to release the negative vibes in my head.LOL.


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