Hahaha. I really wanted to become a fashion blogger but I think I won’t become a good one because I am not really that familiar when it comes to some fashion terms and even with the different styles out there. I follow a hell-lot of fashion bloggers and I really love their styles and how they write their post/description about their outfit. Well, I’m a little frustrated but I believe that it may not be my craft, I know that I am good when it comes to other things and I have to accept it but that won’t stop me  from posting some pics that may be related to fashion. Just pls bear with me and I am not trying to be cool here, I just want to have fun and post some random things here in my blog to keep this alive and active. Hahahaha.

As I was sorting my files from my PC last night, I saw a lot of pictures of my sisters’ dressing up and posing like models(yeah, frustrated models) so i decided to edit them and post them here.

These pictures are products of our boredom .:D Enjoy.

I so love the denim jacket(forever21), too bad It doesn’t fit me.The denim jacket was given to us by my aunt and I so love the faded denim feel of the jacket and it goes well with my sister’s high-waist denim pants.

My black mini dress. I asked my sister to wear it because I think it really looks good on her( she has a smaller figure) and I asked her to also try my new boots. I think the dress and my boots match well together right? Hahaha. I’m planning to wear this at school.:D

Is this a chiffon blouse/dress? Well, this one is my mom’s blouse but me and my sisters so love this one. If I would wear it, I can only wear it as a blouse(because I am chubby/fat) but my sisters can style this out as a dress and by adding a belt on it. We love it because it’s so chic(pink) and is very comfortable to wear.


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