Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name

mayms89 is a really unique name for me. I actually wanted to be called as Mayms. I think it has been my default pseudo name for everything that I do online.

MA- is actually from my name aiMAe..

Y-M-S remind me of some important stuff and chapters in my life.

Y stands for my YOUTH…so many memories to remember and cherish…

M is the initial of my crush’s name..(since I was in high school) and reminds me that falling in love and getting hurt are  inevitable…we have to go through it….

S stands for SEXY..yes..I don’t know but a lot of people put me down because I am not SEXY but beauty and sexiness has no definite standards.It’s up to us on how we define them ..For me, I am SEXY and confident about my self..I love everything about my body..I’m proud of it and I really don’t mind what other people say about me as long as I’m happy.

89- my birthyear.Yeah! 89-baby.yeah. year of the earth snake:

Earth Snakes are the most relaxed of the breeds. They lead calm lives and offer a down-to-earth appeal to any conversation or outing. This may make them seem more friendly, as you may not feel the need to wonder what he’s got up his sleeve. They may also shun the need to lash out or take risks, but it isn’t from paranoia. They figure their good sense and work ethic will pay off and bring them much fortune and material satisfaction.”


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