Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I am fat, chubby or you can call me anything you want but I am happy and confident about myself. I love the way I am and you have to deal with that.

2. I am addicted to internet. super. I should be sleeping during this time(while making this post) but here I am updating this list.

3.I am a shopaholic. i splurge on things that I really want. As long as it would make me happy. As my friend told me” lets save up to buy expensive unnecessary things just to boost our egos”..

4. I sleepwalk..yeah…

5. KPOP addict.Yes. I listen to kpop music.well. if you have time..browse this blog and you’ll see a lot of posts related to kpop. cause I’m the best!!! (2ne1)..

6. I’m friendly. yes.Super. I have lots of friends and They always say that I am super funny. I’m a peace loving citizen so as much as possible I want to make friends to everyone and avoid conflict.

7. I have a super curly hair that always grab the attention of everyone. hmmmmm….

8. I’m workaholic…yes..i love working so that I have more money to spend..

9. I love to procrastinate…

10. I’m a hopeless romantic person…*sigh*

11.  I love to take pictures..yes..I wanted to become a photographer in the future(well..maybe as a hobby)

12.I wanted to become a LAWYER..yes…*i declare*

13. I love GOD.

14.I’m a family oriented person. I may be tough and strict towards them but I love them. I really do.

15. I’m awesome and super proud of myself. My confidence level is super high..hahaha… super high..well..


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