A short hiatus…

I was so busy these past few days and I could not find some spare time to  update my blog and unfortunately, this will continue i think until I can defend my Special problem(Thesis) proposal. I really have to prioritize my acads now especially that I have overstayed here in my university. I love studying but I think I have to leave this phase of my life and open new chapters. I wanted to do a lot of things but being at school hinders me to do all of them. I just can’t leave school because I promise myself and my parents that I will graduate  and march down wearing my off-white dress and sablay. My parents sacrificed a lot just to give me proper education and I know how much  they value education.


I am also a bit worried now especially that I have less than a month to finish my proposal and sadly, I am just about to start it. I am also working and I still have 12 units subjects(2 of them are major subjects) that I must pass. I had a tough start for September and I know that it will become tougher as days pass by.  Goodluck to myself. I know I can do it. 😀 ❤



One comment on “A short hiatus…

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