Yep. I am one of those avid followers of certain vloggers on youtube. I follow a lot of people and I just love how these people make me happy and inspire me by what they are doing. It’s like someone is sharing his or her own life and everything about it is available online.

My favorite youtube vlogger is SHAYCARL with his other channel,shaytards. I so love his family . He got the perfect family that I have ever dream of. I am happy with my family yet i think his is too perfect.:) I also love JacksonHarris’ channel as well as his songs. I can’t stop myself from  listening to his “long story short ” song. I love the lyrics and everything about him. i think he’s my new youtube crush *blush*

The good thing is that Jackson Harris is set to release his new song called “Go Crazy” and the most wonderful about it is that his gonna feature SHAYTARDS on his video !! YAY! Double Happiness!! 🙂

Whenever I am bored, i love  how youtube is there to offer me everything that can make me happy. 😉

Check Jackson Harris music video for his “Long STory Short:

Below are the channels of Shaycarl and his awesome family:


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