I just love eating ..*no wonder, i am engaging myself in a long battle with dieting. hahaha.Maybe funny, maybe not. Well.. I don’t know but recently, I can’t control my cravings especially when it comes to eating. there was  a time that I really wanted to eat pizza that even if i was on a tight budget , I still managed to pigged out in a very affordable manner.

I went to greenwich with a friend and since I COULD NOT AFFORD THE WHOLE PIZZA. I ordered 2 combo meals. yes. 2.

1 combo meal is just around 99 pesos (less than $2.5) and is served with 1 regular coke, 1 piece JUMBO chicken, 1 whole rice and 1/2 order of Spaghetti. yes. A heartfelt and heavy meal if you ask me. Since I also wanted to eat pizza, i opted to buy the Snack COmbo which is just 59 pesos or less than $2. yes. less than $2 and you get 1 regular coke(had 2 glasses of regular coke) and 2 pieces of rolled edge Hawaiian Pizza.

After eating, I was so full and very satisfied with the food. i have always love Greenwich and I will always love their food. They don’t just taste good…their prices are very reasonable too.:)


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