1. CELLPHONE- most of my friends classmates are pissed since I don’t have a phone. Actually, I have a phone but I don’t feel like bringing it with me and I already gave it to my sister.hahahaha. still, I realized that I really need a phone so that i can be contacted especially for important stuff

2. NETBOOK/LAPTOP- MY PARENTS ARE NOT YET SURE IF THEY WILL BUY ME ONE SINCE we already have a desktop and a laptop(Toshiba and is being used by my sister since she is a computer science student.) Still, i feel the need to have one since there are four of us that are using the desktop and laptop(I still have other two younger siblings, one in college and one in high school). The idea of sharing the memory space is really not good for me since my files are vulnerable in getting deleted or even by viruses that comes from their memory stick. Hmmmm…

3. CLOTHES- I also needed a new set of clothes especially that I will have my on-the -job Training this summer..sort of like internship and if you are aware of my would really feel the need to buy.formal clothes..Well, in my university, we don’t  have dress code and we are allowed to wear anything and it would be according to our own  judgment and how our thick our skin is.. So.. I can’t work with those clothes and I really need to have new sets

4. MAKE-UP-Hmm.this one is also important..very important don’t ask me why.

5. Ipod touch- WANTS.*evuldmile*

6. NIKon D90- yeah…this can be too much  but you can’t blame me..I really lov it..I can work hard for this..(no sleeping =/=)

7. KPOP merchandises-  name it..bigbang, 2ne1, shinee, mblaq, ss501, se7en,….. be it album, magazines, cd,photobook..nyahahha

<no worries,… i’ll update this of the moment…these are the things that i find kinda important.)


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