2011: A different Perspective

Hello everyone..


Sorry for not updating much and writing stuff here in my blog. I’m so busy especially with my work and I just can’t find time to write  and pour out my sentiments and feelings. I kinda miss blogging so here I am right now..writing my heart out…


Well..2010 is a year that is so full of surprises and changes especially in my family. Just this month, we moved to a new house, well we are just renting it but it is spacious compared to the old one that we had and it’s somewhat refreshing to be in a new environment..new faces..new neighbors..and a new challenge…

Aside from that, I am still not feeling the stability of my jobs but I am striving very hard to help my family and work hard for them… ANd at the same time, I am becoming more of a shopaholic and I just can’t contain myself especially when it comes to spending , excessively. So… I will try my very best to spend a little and save much..yeheey ..


Another thing..I am not becoming successful especially when it comes to my DIET.. I really need to lose some weight..:((


I CAN DO THIS>hahhaa



I’ll just edit this post..:)) be back soon..:)


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