Hostage Drama: (P.O.V)

These past few days were really tough for Filipinos, like me, and I know that this will not just fade over the time since we are dealing with foreign victims here(Hongkong / Chinese nationals) whose countrymen expresses grief, hatred toward us. I understand them especially that such tragedy was really a big blow on our government and sad to say, a clear evidence of the rampant corruption that is happening in my country.

Corruption? yes.. Without corruption, there would be enough money for trainings and new police equipments that would be helpful for situation like the hostage crisis that had happened in Quirino Grandstand, a place where “the hope of the masses” was inaugurated and now a place where an awful bloodshed of innocent lives took place.

Right now, the government seems so slow in handling this situation and their major action is looking for someone where they can pour all the blame so that they can get away with all the public criticisms.I do believe that the government should evaluate themselves first before pointing the blame to various people, organizations and etc. They should act fastly especially that such tragedy has a bigger impact on our economy.

I also would like to extend my condolences for those people whose loved ones died. There was a major failure on our part and I know that being sorry wouldn’t change that. My country is mourning and suffering too and sad to say this is just because of one man’s mistake. I don’t blame him for that, he has his personal reasons, but I condemn his way of ending the lives of  those poor innocent people. VIOLENCE will NEVER RESOLVE ANYTHING and whatever reasons he may have, it could never justify what He DID. GOD BLESS HIS SOUL and MAY GOD Bless all the people who died and also for those that are greatly affected by such horrible tragedy.


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