I want a laptop!!!!!!!!!

I really need a laptop right now!!!

I need it especially that I am doing lots of stuff for school and for work nowadays. Having a laptop that I could bring would make me more productive and would lessen the time I would spend doing nothing at all. I have an online job that requires-time to complete and I do have lots of idle time in my university so I wanna utilize them so that I can use my time well.

I really need to have one since I am only relying on my desktop, though it’s kinda new but still I really need carry-on laptop. I am not looking for expensive ones but I think a laptop with a good specs would be better such as:

2 gb or more RAM

250 GB or more HDD

a good processor  for my programming stuff.

I think those things are the basic and important specs especially if one is looking for an affordable and good laptop. Well, a Macbook or a Vaio would be a better choice but they’re really expensive and I could not afford them( as of the moment).

I really need to evaluate my current lifestyle as well as my financial status since I am spending too much nowadays. Tsk tsk tsk. I need to save for a new laptop. 😀


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