I love the movie. I just watched it today with my family and we really enjoyed the movie. I love John Cusack’s character especially that he’s kinda foolish in this movie.

The film is really retarded.Hahahahhaa..:D

Well…I think the film is not just about fun and all the craziness in life but it kinda teaches me one thing that is very  valuable in my life, decisions. The decisions that we made/make/or will make will always have consequences and we must brave enough to face reality rather than try to act as if we’re totally going down and just going with the flow. Destiny is created and it’s up to us on how are we going to lead our life. It’s in our hands and we should not make other people influence or control  our life because in the end, what really matters most is who we are and what we are. We have the choices, we just need to make the right ones.

I can’t seem to understand why I am having these weird thoughts but I think maybe because I am writing this post at around 12:41 AM(GMT +8). Hahahhaa.

I really need to sleep..:D


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