Working Online- my other side of story

A lot of my friends are asking me how did I make it working online. I must say that it’s kinda hard to answer given that making a career online seems hander especially that you need to build your own connections, credibility as well as you need to prove yourself among others. The online community is much bigger and much more complicated since you have to deal with a hell lot of competition and you need to update yourself with new stuff such as softwares, trends and topics in order to keep up.

For years, I have been developing and creating my presence online so that it would not be hard for me to look for a job that will fit my skills and talent. I’ve found and learned new stuff along the process that makes me a bit wiser now. I know that a lot of people are taking into consideration that most online jobs do not guarantee stability. Yes, it is not stable but you need optimize your time as well as your skills so that you can always find a job even if your other job may have ended.

I have experienced having 3 or more jobs at the same time and I know that it isn’t that easy especially that most of my bosses are living from other countries so I have to adjust my biological clock in order to keep up with them. It’s not that easy but it’s worth it especially that most of my jobs taught and trained me  new stuffs that made me competitive enough to stand and survive the ever-changing online community.

I am not really good about giving ideas and advices on how you can make it online but I think the most important thing that each one should keep in their mind is that he/she/they must educate and train themselves if they want to establish a good online career. Learning things aside from those that I learned from the four corners of my school helped me a lot.


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