Falling for Mr. Wrong

Love happens even if we could not find a reason for it. There are thing that don’t make sense yet we try to ignore them especially if we are dealing with our feelings. I have been taking a lot of considerations and trying to warn myself not to fall in love again especially if I am not yet ready to but it seems that I am not capable of knowing when I would be ready to fall in love again.

The worst part of it is that I continue on committing the same mistake all over again, by falling to Mr. Wrong. I could not find a single reason to ignore him especially that we are destined  to be near with each other and I befriended him. I am not yet sure if this is wrong but I want to be with him even if I might hurt a lot of people around. I wanted to be selfish and have him for myself but I have to accept that I came on his life the moment that he was so sure that he will be spending the rest of it with another girl.

I don’t want to confuse him but I also wanted him to consider his true feelings. I know that he’s struggling and I am here. desperately waiting for him to choose me over her. I love him and I think, that is the only thing that really matters right now even if I am committing the biggest mistake in my life. I just hope that it will be worth it.


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