Buddy..I’ll miss you

Last March, our beloved Kisses passed away because she wasn’t able to take the anti-rabies vaccination.

(KISSES)she’s a half-terrier

We were so sad that we decided to buy a new dog so as to add joy in our house. We bought a toy poodle last April and we named him Buddy. Buddy was one of the most special dog that we had since he was the only one that was allowed to stay inside our house. We even shared our own bed with him and would always play with him. But we were not expecting that his stay would only be short lived  since he just died today. My sibling, me and my mother cried hard since we did try our very best to treat and make him well and take good care of him. These past three days, I could not sleep well thinking that our beloved dog was sick and  the news about his death really pinned my heart. I cried hard knowing that our “youngest” had left us all alone here. I’m just happy in a way that he was free now from the misery of being sick and I am hoping that “Kisses” would welcome him in pet heaven and there, they could be with our other dogs like Striker.

I’m just sad…

I will miss you..BUDDY… WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH>>


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