A new challenge

It’s been awhile and I so miss blogging.. :))

I have been so much busy this past few days because I have to juggle from being a student and a part-time worker. Yes, I do have some online jobs that do help me in my daily needs and I can also feel the pressure of schooling nowadays.

I really can’t give up working since it is really a great help for me and my family since there are three of us who are currently in college and a younger one in high school. Working is not that hard since most of my jobs does not require  full-time attention yet I need to attend to my responsibilities as a student. Currently, I am doing my SP(or my thesis) so I really need to manage my time so as to properly function in school and at work.

I’m gettin’ fewer hours of sleep but I will try my very best to take good care of my health too since there’s no room for illnesses or anything like that for now.

I can do this and  I am  looking forward for what awaits me in my future. :))


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