New Shirt!!!

Well… I just wandered to the four corners of Gaisano south and saw this cute Black shirt with a yellow Philippine map on it. I was really captivated by the simplicity of the shirt and luckily, with the help of someone, I got it. I don’t really regret buying it(in a way) since  I saw a lot of people who loves to wear this kind of shirt especially during the election. Aside from the shirt, I also bought a small notebook because of its cute  purple cover.

Well.. i think, I’m a bit of an impulsive buyer and I know that I need to save a lot of money since I am planning to buy a new laptop or a notebook for my school stuff.

Hmmm…I will start saving my money tomorrow and I will try my very best not to spend on those things that will be of no use for me.

I know that I can do this!!!


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