Justin Bieber is my boyfriend!!!

I know that it may sound like a heck of a lie..but he is..at least on my dreams. Yes.

I didn’t like Justin Bieber by the time that he started to become famous because I think that he is trying to copy Aaron Carter(and I am a die-hard AC fan) but later on, I came to realized that this guy really has the potential to become a teen sensation( and he is, as of the moment). His music is really good and I am very much in love with his BABY song that features Ludacris. He is really cute and the video was really good. I think he has the charm that could melt the teens’ hearts yet I still don’t want to have a crush on him because he doesn’t look like a sixteen-year-old-boy for me, he may seems like a 12 year old(maybe by his looks) and I am already 20.

And then one day, I had this weird dream about Justin Bieber being a serial killer and later something had happened on the dream(on the plot) that made him my boyfriend.Whoa. I was like “Justin Bieber is my boyfriend but he is a killer.” Well, I could actually remember the entire dream except of the JB part and that made me laugh and it is very weird. Maybe if I have that “thing” on him, I could actually think that it’s okay for me if he is a killer as long as he could be my bf.LOL. ahhaha To be honest,I would want to dream about him again but I wanted a “grown-up” JB there, hahahha

PS: I’m really bad at editing..lmao


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