Summer means boredom for me since I don’t have to do anything but only  to eat and sleep. Good thing there’s youtube to make my life somewhat interesting(though, i don’t get it how??).

I’m always spending my time watching different youtube videos and I really like all these vloggers since most of them have different ways of connecting with the viewers and they have their own identity that is being reflected on their videos. These people can actually make my day complete  since they have been givin’ me a lot of things to ponder on whenever they would talk about a certain issue or about a particular topic.I really envy these people since they are really good when it comes to vlogging and they can produce good and hilarious videos, sometimes, on a daily basis(whoah).

I’ve been subscribing a lof of them like shanedawnsontv, kassemg, shaytards, lisanova, sxephil,nigahiga,davedays, thestation and lots of them(too many to mention). And without biases, I really like shaytards channel most since most of the videos there are about shaycarl’s life and also  about his family and his family is really awesome . Missing one of his videos is like a crime for me and I really feel good and happy seeing his wonderful family especially his children.


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